Born and Studies

“Naguib was born in Egypt on August 20, 1981. He began his studies in 1998 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria and he had the Bachelor Monumental sculpture 2003. The same year he started his Masters in monumental sculpture and he achieved his Master in 2009. And the 3 th October 2014 he achieved the diploma second level in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy that equal to PhD in Egypt.


“Naguib has worked as an assistant and after doctor in sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria since 2004. He has also been part of the Egyptian Contemporary Art Movement, since 1998. He had been participating in many symposiums and exhibitions in many different countries and he did receive several awards for his work. He created his works from 1998 to 2008 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. After that he went on creating his art in his own studio in Zezinya, in Alexandria. In 2012 he started to produce his art in the Nicoli Studio in Carrara until 2015 and after he spend 10 months in Steinzentrum Wunsiedel in Germany in trainer ship after PhD from the Union Europe and Carrara academy of fine arts after training of the techniques of granite and restoration painting of stone and to mix the wood with stone.


 Also he had a privet crosses in drawing specially models drawing in Carrara Italy and have many visiting to professional art museums around Europe for improving his scale   

He is working since 2015 as Dr Teacher of monumental sculpture in the faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria University. 


His concept

The philosophy of my work is characterized by several concepts.


” Firstly i believe that the value of a sculpture lies in the fact that it communicates with a viewer in a visual way: the art work generates emotions, either positive or negative, and can provide visual pleasure.´ I believe that you cannot feel or understand the art without actually seeing it. With art you can show something without needing words.


Secondly I do have the ability and the energy that is needed to practice this profession. I feel that creating art is something that's my 'duty' and it is giving me positive energy and satisfaction. I love to spend my time creating new works. And I really like to share it with the audience.


Thirdly I’m deeply interested in history and mythology. For me it is a source of inspiration and my works are often based on it. I can't imagine making art without knowing cultural history, and a deep knowledge of art and also the technical part of producing art. I did do a lot of research in old and new techniques; how to work in stone, marble, bronze and wood. And i do believe it is important to use that in the work. One of the reasons i spent time in Carrara in Italy at one of the most important places for sculptors. A city, described as the 'Paradise for sculptors', where you can find and feel the history of sculpting. Here i learned a lot of different techniques especially for marble and stone.

In Egypt I did do research in the tradition of old wood techniques, and after that I found my own techniques of working in the wood. Also the special technique of coloring the sculpture i developed it myself.


The third element is the hidden treasures behind things. An artist can make you look at things in a different way. Everything i had seen in my life, at art museums and artistic events is stored in my mind like an encyclopedia. I use them as references.


Anything can be a source of inspiration for me, per example the Egyptian culture, which is complex and simple at the same time.

There is a parallel between my art and the way i do see the Egyptian culture. My sculptures do have simplicity in the shape but at the same time they do have much details and motives.


I believe that the ancient Egyptian art is the source for all civilizations that followed after that period. The ancient Egyptians did inspire the cultures that passed through their lands. The Persian, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic cultures took elements out of the art of the ancient Egyptians.


Ancient Egyptians art is full of symbolism and is characterized by simple forms and recurrent motives. I also do apply these elements in my work.

Alexandria is the main source of inspiration for my work because of it is interesting history and the main residential structure, which has made it a unique place in Egypt and a cosmopolitan city where ancient elements blend perfectly with modern Western and Eastern elements, creating an open society in which the arts can flourish.

For many reasons, the history and mythology of the Mediterranean are also an important source of my work. The most important reason is the fact that you can use myths or legends to enrich your imagination, to grasp things you cannot understand with your mind only. Stories can help you understand things better.

Material in itself is not a goal, but rather a means. However, certain materials can really enhance your creativity. I love working with wood, for example, because it can be colored. I also enjoy working with stone, especially marble. I like the simplicity and transparency of marble and it enriches my sculptures. And i like to play with the contrast of the look of the marble and that of the wood in which i add all the motives and colors.


The sea winds affect the painted houses and boats, the surface cracks by the sea salt. Boats and old windows in the area close to the sea in the historical part of Alexandria are covered with many layers of colors and it is showed by the cracks in it. In a way the different colors are the witnesses of the time that passed by. I was always wondering how to integrate the effect of time in my work and tried many different materials and techniques. I'm glad i did find my way of handling the wood and the colors and in my art the element 'time' can be seen by this. Actually to finish a sculpture with the right layers of colors and patterns, it can take a long time. So not only in the subject or motives of my art the history can be seen, also in the techniques i add this theme.



My art events and exhibitions:

I have participated in many national and international exhibitions, including:



- Sculpture Symposium Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Cairo 2004.

- International Granite Sculpture Symposium Marsa Matrouh city, Egypt 2007.

- International Sculpture Symposium, Stenen Boord, the Netherlands 2010.

- International Sculpture Symposium 16 Aswan, Egypt 2011.

- International sculpture symposium Stubenburg, Austria 2011.

- International sculpture symposium Almeria, Spain 2011.

- International Sculpture Symposium (Calcinai) Toscana, Italy 2012.

- International Sculpture Symposium El Solimania Cairo, Egypt 2012.

- International Sculpture Symposium (marble weeks) Carrara, Italy 2013.

- International Sculpture Symposium in, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt 2013

- International Sculpture Symposium 21 art in stone, Germany 2014

- International Sculpture Symposium Wunsidel, Germany 2015

- International Sculpture Symposium Belpasso, Italy 2015

- International Sculpture Symposium Cairo, Egypt 2016

- International Sculpture Symposium Os, Norway 2017

- International Sculpture workshop Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2019

- International Sculpture Symposium Os, Norway 2019

Local Exhibitions:

- Group exhibition in Alexandria University

- Group exhibition Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria

- turns of Salon Nagy Sculpture Alexandria

- Autumn Salon 2001

- Turns of Alexandria Youth Salon atelier Alexandria

- Celebrations of Mahmud Said, Alexandria 2004-2005-2010

- Exhibition in gallery Mohamed Rashid Park in Alexandria, 2002

- Salon of small Pieces Mahmud Said 2006

- Turns of Think and art Salon in Goethe-Institute

- Group Exhibition in bibliotheca Alexandria 2006

- Group exhibition Jazzier a art center the first collective exhibition Cairo 2006

- Group exhibition Gallery Déjà Alexandria 2006

- International Youth Salon in atelier Alexandria 2007

- Group exhibition in Jesuits Cultural Center 2007

- Group exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria 2007

- Group exhibition bibliotheca Alexandria 2007

- Group exhibition the golden jubilee of faculty of fine arts Cairo 2007

- Biennial Market gallery Déjà Alexandria 2007

- Port Said National Biennial 2008

- Group exhibition in Hussein Sophie Museum of Alexandria, 2008

- Youth salon Cairo 2008

- Group exhibition in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mania 2008

- Group exhibition Agenda bibliotheca Alexandria 2009.

- Group exhibition in Mahmud Said Museum, 2009

Solo exhibitions:

- Solo exhibition in the palace of art Side Gabber 2006

- Solo exhibition (Monochrome) Alexandria Center for Creativity 2008

- Solo exhibition in Gotha culture center 2009

- Solo exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Center Rome, Italy 2012

- Solo exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Center Rome, Italy 2013

- Solo exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Center Vienna, Italy 2013

- Solo exhibition in Kitty harry sculpture garden Spain 2016

- Solo exhibition in gallery Misr Cairo 2017

- Solo exhibition in Fine arts Museum Alexandria 2017

- Solo exhibition in gallery Dai Cairo 2018

International Exhibitions:

- Biennale Bjcem Euro-Mediterranean, Bari, Italy 2008

- Exhibition in Stubenberg, Austria 2011

- Exhibition in Ponte dare, Toscana, Italy 2012

- Exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Center Rome, Italy 2012

- Exhibition in gallery Rearte, Vienna, Austria 2012

- Exhibition in gallery Satura, Genoa, Italy 2012

- Exhibition in gallery Offenes Atelier Villach, Austria 2012

- Exhibition (Mediterranean - Torano) Italy 2012

- Exhibition (Castelo Malaspina) Massa, Italy 2012

- Exhibition in Carrara, Italy 2012

- Exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Center Rome, Italy 2012

- Exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Center Rome, Italy 2012

- Exhibition Fierra di Carrara, Italy 2013

- Exhibition Egyptian Culture Center Rome, Italy 2013

- Exhibition at Egyptian Embassy at Rome, Italy 2013

- Exhibition in the Egyptian Culture Office in Vienna, Austria 2013

- Exhibition in the Egyptian club, Vienna, Austria 2013

- Exhibition in gallery Rearte, Vienna, Austria 2013

- Exhibition in contemporary art gallery Studio S, Rome, Italy 2013

- Exhibition (Segni dell'arte, 10 anni da Roma) Rome, Italy 2014

- Exhibition in Egyptian Academy of Rome, Italy 2014    

- Carrara Art Fair, Marina di Carrara, May 2014, Italy

- Open day exhibition Studio Nicole, Carrara, Italy 2014

- Exhibition gallery La Lanka, Tijnje the Netherlands 2014

- Marble weeks Studio Nicoli, Carrara, solo exhibition, Italy 2014

- Exhibition Africa in Con vivere Festival in Carrara, Italy 2014

- Open show in Lauswolt Gallery, The Netherlands 2014

- Exhibition in Italian Cultural Centre, Cairo 2014

- Exhibition in gallery Luz de la Vida, Competa, Spain 2014

- Art fare realism Amsterdam gallery Lauswolt Netherlands 2015

- Exhibition in the Egyptian Academy of Rome, Italy 2015

- Exhibition in Golf hotel Wunsidal, Bayern, Germany 2015

- Art Breda art fair gallery lauswolt Netherlands 2015

- Exhibition in la lanka gallery for art Netherlands 2015  

- Exhibition in gallery Kitty Sewell Spain 2015  

- Open show in Lauswolt Gallery, The Netherlands 2016

- Open show in IROK Gallery, The Netherlands 2016

- Art fare realism Amsterdam gallery Lauswolt Netherlands 2016

- Group exhibition gallery Misr Cairo 2016

- Group exhibition gallery Dai el Arab Cairo 2016

- Group exhibition gallery studio Jankleeis Cairo 2016

- Egyptian contemporary art exhibition in Malawi 2016

- Group exhibition in gallery Dai Cairo 2016

- Sculpture document exhibition Darp 1718 Cairo 2016

- Agenda exhibition bibliotheca Alexandria 2017

- Group exhibition in gallery Vognhallen in Oss Norway 2017

- Group exhibition sculpture in Gallery Masr Cairo 2018

- Group exhibition Octagon gallery Masr 2018

- Group exhibition gallery Arts mart Cairo 2018

- Group exhibition Beirut art fair with gallery Masr Lebanon 2018

- Group exhibition gallery Founoun Beirut Lebanon 2018

- Group exhibition gallery Wendelboe Bergen Norway 2018

- Group exhibition atelier Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2019

- Group exhibition in gallery Vognhallen in Os Norway 2019




- Jury Prize XIX Youth Salon Cairo 2008

- Biennial prize of biennial port said 2009

- Egyptian state awards for sculpture 2018

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